Witness the Spectacular 2023 Total Solar Eclipse in Western Australia – Get your tickets now!

Get Ready for the Phenomenal 2023 Total Solar Eclipse in Western Australia

The world is gearing up for one of the most awe-inspiring astronomical events of the year, the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse. Western Australia is set to be the prime location to witness this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, with thousands of visitors expected to converge in the Gascoyne and Pilbara regions.

The WA state government has begun selling tickets to the Eclipse Viewing Site. Located between Exmouth and Learmonth, the Eclipse Viewing Site will provide visitors with one of the best opportunities to experience the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse in all its glory. With three thousand general admission tickets now available, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

“The countdown is on. In less than 80 days, the shadow of the moon will graze the tip of Western Australia across a 40-kilometre-wide track, travelling over one of the most beautiful parts of the world – the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo region near Exmouth,” said State Development, Jobs and Trade Minister Roger Cook.

Exmouth is the only town in Australia that will be in the path of totality, with an estimated 62 seconds of maximum darkness. The solar eclipse will occur over a three-hour period, with totality in Exmouth at approximately 11:29 AM (WST), when the sun, moon and Earth align. Visitors to the Eclipse Viewing Site will get to experience the maximum amount of darkness.

While Exmouth will experience a 100 per cent solar eclipse, other towns in the region will experience near-total darkness. Onslow and Coral Bay will have 99 per cent darkness, while Carnarvon will be about 95 per cent. The Eclipse Viewing Site will be open from 7 AM to 4 PM, with free drinking water and marquees for shade available for visitors.

The WA government has invested nearly $22 million to ensure the readiness of the region for the expected surge in visitors. Grants totalling more than $837,000 have been provided to 40 local Gascoyne and Pilbara businesses, and upgrades across the region are underway, including improvements to the roads, marine infrastructure, telecommunication networks and local facilities.

Funding from the WA government has also been used to set up a temporary camping site at Welch Street in Exmouth to provide additional accommodation for the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse. Serviced campsites are now open for booking, and self-contained sites are still available to book at https://bookingsau.newbook.cloud/exmouth/index.php.

“We know this extraordinary astronomical event is going to attract a surge in international and domestic visitors to the region, and that is why we are helping to make sure local communities and businesses are as prepared as possible,” said Minister Cook.

Representatives from 14 state government agencies have been working in partnership with the local shires of Exmouth, Carnarvon and Ashburton, and the Department of Defence to ensure local communities, including businesses, are supported and the region is prepared for an influx of visitors.

Visitors to the Eclipse Viewing Site have two options for general admission tickets. The first option, priced at $50 plus booking fee, includes a packed lunch and options for parking. The second option, priced at $90 plus booking fee, includes a packed lunch and shuttle bus transport to and from four designated locations. Tickets can be purchased from https://megatix.com.au/events/ningaloo-eclipse-ga

“The Eclipse Viewing Site is an opportunity to experience the maximum amount of darkness alongside scientific experts and eclipse chasers from around the world,” said Minister Cook. “We want to see the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse leave a lasting legacy for the growing tourist centres in the Ningaloo region.”

For more information visit https://ningalooeclipse.com/

Photo Courtesy of Tourism WA