Here’s six Perth History tours to take in your own backyard.

People of Perth, let me tell you something you already know; you’re not going on your yearly Bali trip or that big European adventure you were going to get super cultured from. You are stuck here in Australia. But what if I told you that you can feel cultured right here in your own city? That’s right, there’s a ton of interesting historic places and stories right in your own backyard that I bet you’ve never heard of. So put on your walking shoes, open your mind to Perth’s history and connect more with the place you live.

Companies –

Two feet and a Heart Beat

Two Feet and a Heartbeat are one of Perth’s, indeed Australia’s, premier walking tour companies. They offer tours all about a wide variety of Perth and Perth history subjects. From whisky and fine dining tours to scavenger hunts and culture tours, you can learn almost anything from this lot.

But what really gets us to perk up and pay attention is their crimes of Perth walking tour. If it bleeds it leads is a popular saying in media, and there’s a reason for it. It gets your attention! Discover the untold underbelly stories of our idyllic city and gain a newfound appreciation for your door locks.

Check out for more information.

Go Cultural

Western Australia and Perth has a long and rich aboriginal history dating back tens of thousands of years. Explore cultural significant sites that are right on your doorstep. Go Cultural run tours of Kings Park, Elizabeth Quay and Rottnest Island that will teach you all about Noongar history, customs and Dreamtime stories.

We highly recommend that all visitors and locals consider the Wadjemup (Rottnest Island) tour. The beautiful and popular holiday island is an iconic favourite destination to visit. But most don’t realise the high significance the place has for Noongar peoples and under the beauty, the island hides a dark past.


Oh Hey WA

Run by two born and bred Perth sisters, Adie and Robyn, who have a serious passion for Perth history. Not to mention the name is just super catchy and satisfying to say out loud. Oh Hey WA, run a varied tour itinerary that mirrors the diverse nature of the city. They’ve got gin tours, street art tours, hens days, wine tours and private tours for you and your mates.

If you’re looking for a good overall tour that teaches you a bit about the history, bars and interesting areas, check out the number one rated Trip Advisor tour; The ULTIMATE Perth Walking Tour. Lasting a bit over two hours, this is a great tour to get you started on your journey to connect with Perth a little more.

Dodgy Perth

Don’t fancy walking around with people and being talked to a whole bunch? Maybe you’re more of a ‘I can find my own way around’ type of person. Or maybe you prefer your tour with a healthy dollop of alcohol. Well, Dodgy Perth has the tour for you! A self-guided alcohol and architecture tour where you can go at your own pace in terms of walking and alcohol consumption. Visit their site for the list of pubs and bookmark it in your phone for when you’re out and about.

Also, check out their FB page for announcements of guided tours led by the legendary Perth historian and the master of dry architecture humour, Eddie Marcus. These tours are free and a great way to see the city, especially through an architectural lens (which is actually more interesting than it sounds).  Visit

Fremantle Prison

The colonial history of Perth is intrinsically tied to the sandstone behemoth overlooking the port of Fremantle. While Perth was intended to be a settlement free from convicts, after a few years the fledgling colony was floundering. Enter the cons. The extra labour the convicts contributed was key to Perth’s success. And Fremantle Prison is now an excellent place to learn about early life in Perth whilst also taking a trip through darker events of more recent history.

The prison runs five different tours; Convict Prison, Behind Bars, True Crime, Tunnels and a torchlight tour. These are all incredible experiences and are a must for visitors and locals and it’s hard to recommend just one. We would suggest starting with the convict prison tour and locking in a second one once you learn a bit more about the prison.


Bindjareb Park

Located an hour out of Perth is Binjareb Park, an Aboriginal cultural site and 22ha nature sanctuary. Run by Karrie-Anne Kearing, the director and traditional owner and keeper of knowledge, Banjareb Park offers a wealth of cultural insight and experience in the heart of Pinjarra.

All tours are by appointment and are a great way to learn about Noongar culture, heritage, food and history. Learn about the use of plants, enjoy local films and visit the remains of the Aboriginal Reserve. The bush tucker they provide on some of their tours is absolutely superb and highly recommended.